Monday, October 15, 2007

Corn maize

We went to a corn maze. It was not very good but we stole pumpkins

Monday, September 17, 2007

Smoothie #3

Shit sux.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Townies #2

So, the other night some friends and I decided to get some ice cream and doughnuts from the doughtnut connection. While we were walking in, a lady approached us: "You all college students? Are y'all some college students?" Well, yes ma'am we are. "That's so great, I remember my college days, those were good days" Cool! "Do y'all have some money I could borrow, I just want to get a bagel, I think it's only like $1.39 or maybe $1.89 I'm not sure, but can I just borrow some money to get a bagel?"

So, the guy I was with whips out his wallet and hands her three dollars. She went in with us, got her bagel then left. She comes back in with another women and they both start thanking my guy friend profusely.

I'm thinking everyone is swell.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Strawberry Squeeze #2

You could taste the seeds, there were lotsa seeds!

Also, the yogurt when well with the fruit flavor since they were both strawberry. Unlike Jamacain #1, there wasn't a conflict between two flavors, which allowed me to focus soley on the strawberry deliciousness.

Overall it was pretty simple, but very delicious. This smoothie was pretty rad and I am sad that it is now gone. We all tried some of it and everyone loved it.

Linda's Cafe: Restaurant 1

Let me tell you about Linda's Cafe. We went there after trying to find a turtle for sale (which failed dramatically). We all ended up getting really cheap food, but let me tell you, it was SPECTACULAR!

I got a chilli cheese dog, and oh my gosh, to die for. Just fyi. That was 2.99. I also got fries (which added another 1.50, but still that's like 4.50 for dinner, so) and they were really really good. I feel like there wasn't any salt on them, but, oh gosh so good. Totally didn't need salt.

My turtle partners both got grilled cheeses and apparently those were really spectacular, too. And the grilled cheeses were like 2.29, too.

So, basically, Linda's Cafe is totally worth it. Cheap, good, and there's one in Lexington Park, too, so basically it's like ten minutes away from campus. And there's one in Leonardtown, too. So. LINDA'S CAFE. GO. NOW.

P.S. the one in Leonardtown had a TV showing Cartoons, which was EXCELLENT.

Townies #1

A few weeks ago I was in Target and met my first townies. The one that sticks out most was a young child who said "I miss my hamster".

My friend and I were not sure if this meant "I miss my hamster, who ran away from home" or "I miss my hamster, who died".

It was somewhat depressing, just like those guys in the BOOKS, MAGAZINES, NEWSPAPERS.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Jamaican Breeze: #1

Smoothie Number 1.

Jamaican Something Something

Ingredients: strawberry and banana

Review: You can taste the strawberry seeds which is cool. The initial taste of the strawberries overpowers the banana, but the aftertaste is almost exclusively of banana.
Ours were sort of warm, but still pretty good. Also its very yogurty tasting, kinda overpowers the fruit. Smells like strawberry yogurt. Yum.

Overall Rating:

Texture: 9
Taste: 6.5
Color: 8
Smell: 9